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I've realy liked all of you maplestory cartoons. But one thing... I have gotten 1 million slime gels, for real no fooling. So back to reality i realy like that you made the realy lame players have sim voices instead of actors it was funny also the CC joke. well keep on makin good work

Sweet movie

I realy liked it. Normally i don't like sprite flashes but this one was good and i also noticed im the only one who put their real name under the acting credits lol. Oh well but anyways i thought the fight scene was very good but the first scene could've been a little less cluttered but otherwise no other gripes.

mortis5000 responds:

I thought the voice acting was excellent...I thought the first scene needed some action.

Very nice

Ha the ps3 is just a friggin joke its a ps2 running at full capacity with some new features that no one wants, ive played it. its the exact same as ps2, I dont own it cuz i dont want to spend almost $1000 on a game system i can buy 3 xbox 360's for that including the fee for xbox live. and the wii i already got it is the best system ever for one reason its finally tapping into virtual reality. problem is all the the fat children have to get off their ass to play it. in my opinion for game consoles it goes Wii and 360 - 1st pc - 2nd ps2 - 3rd
ha in my opinion ps3 isnt even in the running cuz you know why maybe 10000 people play it out of a 10million gaming population so its not even on the scale


This was just awesome

Graphics-10 - they were they were dvd or tv series quality

Style-10 - I love video that go to a peice of music and have good rythem on their own

Sound-10 - Ive never heard vnv nation but i will seriously check em out from hearing this song

Violence-5 - not any specific violence as in punching or kicking and such but the back slam into the water after a cliff dive yowsah thats gotta kinda hurt

Interactivity-1 - there was a play button

Humor-7 - the water part made me cringe and laugh and the part with those funny looking bison things

overall-10 - This was awesome pure gold, i cant wait to see more


the i know you are but what am i thing is so like me and my friend. but one question why in all hell do you make kimimaru do all these f'ed up songs where at the beginning he speaks in a super high pitch chick voice... i know you know hes a dude

Very good

this was realy good and the song is quite catchy despite the quality. not to nit pick or anything but i noticed that Zetsu's face is all balck while only half of it is supposed to be and the other white. oh well still good in my book

Lol =3

I do beleive kakashi's summoning jutsu let the dogs out


That was awesome dude. the numa numa dance Hayate Gekko and Genma Shiranui did was hillarious. And the jaws theme with kisame runnin around buggin itachi was awesome

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Finally a new toof. this kicks butt man, BTW "gonna fall on my ball... *bam* yup i definetly fell on my balls" = priceless. One thing i realy dont get what toof crooses problem is with the king... oh well.

BARG!!! lol =)

MACception responds:

You'll figure it all out with time, I promise :D

Glad you liked it bro.

Long live Toof

yea the guy in the previous review this bendo jack ass is a moron, and i am quite sad that no review but... meh, great stuff I swear my sides need surgery after i watched the 9 toof episodes

High standards, but no skills.

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